Omron D-Ring Replacement Blood Pressure Cuff

by Omron

Omron replacement D-ring blood pressure cuff. Works with specific Omron blood pressure monitors and is available in two sizes, Small (7-9 inches) and Large (13-17 inches). As it is important to wear a cuff that properly fits to get a good reading it is recommended to measure the circumference around your upper arm to ensure the cuff will fit.

  • Large Cuff size is 13-17 inches. (Model H-003DL)
  • Small Cuff size is 7-9 inches (Model H-003DS)

Compatible With

  • HEM-432C
  • HEM-432
  • HEM432
  • HEM-711AC
  • HEM-711
  • HEM711
  • HEM-712C
  • HEM-712
  • HEM712
  • HEM-712CLC
  • BP-710 (not the BP-710N)
  • BP710
  • BP-742 (not the BP-742N)
  • BP742
  • HEM 705CP
  • HEM-705

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