AccuFitness FatTrack Pro Digital Body Fat Measurement System

A must for the serious personal trainer and fitness enthusiasts who want to take their fitness and conditioning to the next level!

A highly technological professional-grade skinfold caliper to be used by individuals, personal trainers, and other healthcare professionals to monitor body fat %. The unit is programmed with 3- and 7-site Jackson-Pollack formulas for estimating body fat % through skinfold measurements. Plus, you can use the caliper in a non-programmed mode to take skinfold measurements and use other formulas to measure body fat % if you prefer. The FatTrack PRO is unique because it also measures and calculates lean body mass. You can also store and program up to 50 user profiles, including the last 3 readings for each user. The user manual includes tips on taking appropriate caliper readings and graphics showing the specific locations to measure

  • FatTrack PRO Professional Digital Body Fat Caliper
  • User Manual
  • Body Fat Tracking Software
  • Carrying Case with Carabiner clip
  • CR2032 Battery